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I have decided to switch the community to closed membership for some time, meaning that we are not currently accepting any new members.

Whispers Of Ana: An Introduction.

Welcome to Whispers Of Ana!

This is a safe haven where people who are pro-anorexic, pro-disordered eating or pro-extreme dieting can gather together and support one another. Admittedly, there are other communities that do this but often, they have restrictions on who can join, who can post and they will log your IP address if you comment on other people's posts. Whispers Of Ana isn't here to do that, it's here to create a real community.

We do have a few conditions here to make life easier for everyone involved, however.

  • Please type properly, using full words and punctuation. Not everyone speaks English as their first language and it's easier to understand everyone if we all adhere to this rule.
  • Posts in this community will be members-only, for the privacy of members involved. This isn't to exclude people or to get more users to join, but to keep the community's issues a bit closer to home and not spread around the Internet for any passing stranger to browse through.
  • Please don't mock, taunt or flame other members, especially about problems they may have with weight or eating. We're here to help and support one another, after all. If you have a real complaint about another user, say it to me and I'll see how it can be resolved.
  • Post here often to keep in touch with us. Comment on other people's posts. You'll make friends and the community will be a happier place for it. :]
Now that that's out of the way..

This community can also serve as a food diary, if you like, or a place to keep track of your stats, goals, gains, and hopefully your losses. You can post any thinspirational tips, tricks, photos or quotations you want. In fact, once this community really gets up and running, I'll consider running a weekly competition for Most Thinspirational Post. You can list anything you like. Recommended reading or movie lists are welcomed as much as thinspirational videos, etc. Anything I find particularly helpful or thinspiring, I will add to the community's memories.

Sound like fun? It will be! Being pro-ana is about being positive and focusing on your goals and achievements. We'll always help out a friend in need, but the rest of the time, we're going to keep one another motivated! ;D

~ Whisper


The pro-ana community with a difference.
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February 2010

About Us

* This community is pro-ana. It's our choice for our lives and our bodies.

* We are a community, family and support system to anyone who joins our ranks.

* We're really quite nice people. :]
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